Five Answers To A Gandhian Question :
Why is Man the most violent animal on earth?
Spiritual Bankruptcy
Book - 1
Sexual heirachies
Book - 2
Death of Cottage industry - the ‘Charkha’ spirit
Book - 3
Lust for Imperial glory
Book - 4
Consumerism - the MBA Cult
Book - 5
Family Planning - Indian Style
Book - 6

A party in Viceroy’s Palace
(Scene in ‘Through The Eagle’s Eye- Book 4)


The inevitable has happened, sooner than expected. The much hyped “free” market economy bubble has burst. The spectre of “globalization”, terrorizing the poor of the world has come and gone like a fierce tornado, a “tsunami”, leaving in its trail misery and devastation on a global scale. The inhuman MBA cult of uninhibited market-led consumerism conceived, bred and nurtured through all the devious arts of the Devil by Harvard and its sister institutions, has been shattered. The anti-social luxury loving society this culture has spawned is in a shambles, one hopes, never to return.

Gandhi has said “God has provided enough for every one’s need but not for everyone’s greed”. The following books tell you how these unnatural traits of greed and possessiveness, inherent in Man, have led him step by step to the extremes of violence.

Book -1 (Full Text)
Spiritual Awakening in Gandhi and other Indian saints
By R.D. Ranade

Foreword by Arun Gandhi (grandson of Mahatma Gandhi)
Cover by Tushar Gandhi

Written in 1947 by one of the great saint-mystics of the last century this rare and virtually extinct book is different from most other literature on Gandhi in as much as it brings out forcefully two central points of Gandhi’s teachings barely mentioned elsewhere :

  1. Similar to other saints Gandhi believed that soul force was mightier than the atom bomb as a weapon of self-defense.

  2. The future happiness of India lay in building, Charkha-led self-reliant,self-ruled, rural clusters humming with cottage industries.

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Book - 2 (Synopsis)
Manikpur Junction
A novel by M.B. Lal

In 1943 India stood at the cross-roads of history under the ubiquitous umbrella of one man: Gandhi. India was Gandhi; Gandhi was India. Today Gandhi’s teachings are all but forgotten and his dream of India as a God fearing land of piety, peace and social and economic equality for men of all communities stands shattered.

Published by Hemkunt this highly sexy novel attempts to give the 21st century generation of youth a peep into the Gandhian era in the form of adventures of an English girl of Swedish origin, during World-War II in British ruled India, where she is tracing the roots of Hitler’s Aryan fixation in a unique brand of ‘sexual fascism’ which uses selective breeding amongst humans as its principal instrument of governance.

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Book - 3 (Full Text)
Make Your Own Airconditioner-cum-Heater
By M.B. Lal

Snowbreeze— A 90% Energy saving Gandhian Invention

Gandhi was India’s greatest champion of cottage and small industries which had been systematically decimated by our foreign rulers to force us to buy factory made British goods.‘Economy of scale’ is a myth propagated by greedy American and European capitalists to wipe out the small man under the grinding wheels of their large factories and thus enslave the rest of the world in the tentacles of their economic imperialism under the deceptive name of a “free” market. As the current global financial crash has shown this kind of economy destroys more than its creates. It spells the death of natural resources, environment and civilized relationships between human beings.

Snowbreeze, A complete air conditioner invented by the author, consumes only 5 to 10 percent of the energy used by a wall A.C. It is an example of how the Gandhian approach of using simple ‘basic’ technology to meet our everyday needs can take the benefits of science to the common people, specially the sick and elderly. This book teaches you how, with the help of a carpenter, you can make this 90% energy saving marvel at your house within two to five days (depending upon the size of the unit).

Project Funded by
Government of India

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Book - 4 (Full Text)
Through The Eagle’s Eye
A Fairy Tale for Young and Old
By M.B. Lal

Highly praised by critics “Through The Eagle’s Eye” fantasizes in the form of a suspenseful and romantic fairy tale, based in modern times, the futuristic vision of sage Valmiki, author of India’s greatest epic, the Ramayana, which brings out man both as a demon (heavily armed Ravana with his imperialist lust to conquer the world) and an angel (Hanuman, a leader of the half-man-half-ape race of Vanaras who lived in caves and hills and ate only roots and fruits.)

Faith was their only weapon against the fore-doomed demons. This is why some scholars have called Gandhi, a devotee of Lord Ram, an ‘avatar’ of Valmiki.

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Book - 5 (Full Text)
Vanaloore Shinning
by M.B. Lal

Again, taking his cue from Valmiki Ramayana, M.B.Lal continues his attack on high-tech global imperialism in this novel. It is a fantasy describing Vanaloore a mythical city of the Ramayana era, a marvel of Vedic science resembling 21st century Bangalore and wallowing in the mire of its hedonistic cult of stark naked consumerism, existing side by side with a community of the oppressed race of Vanaras who practise what would today be called Gandhian values.

Essentially a graphic account of the thrilling adventures of a daring rakshasi princess and her equally brave Vanara lover, ‘Vanaloore Shining’ is also a reminder that demon Ravana’s imperialist 'Lanka' has been an ever present reality throughout human history and still is.

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Book - 6 (Full Text)
Family Planning - Indian Style
by M.B. Lal


Though it reads like a fairy tale or fantasy this novel is based on hard experience of three long years. It was as if I was put in jail for this period and my keepers had kept spies who were watching my every move. I had to move surreptitiously. My "crime"? I have described it obliquely inside the book. To do so directly at the age of 87 will be suicidal. It was then that I learnt the hard way the lesson that Indians are so devoted to their families, solely and exclusively, that they feel that they have no obligation to society of which they are merely a fraction. I could have gained my limited objective but if the whole Indian society is like that you can do nothing to reform it.

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Media View

M.B. Lal’s books and invention, Snowbreeze, have been widely reviewed and praised in two telecasts by CNN-IBN and leading newspapers including The Hindu, The Statesman, Indian Express, The Telegraph and The Tribune.

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